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$20 Registration Fee

*Registration Fee is returned to your band at the completion of your 1st Round Performance.
If your band cancels or withdraws, the fee will not be refunded.

You Can Pay Your Registration Fee Here


  • Any type of musical act.
  • Band members must be at least 13 years old. No Exceptions.This is technically a competition for Adults 19 plus, but we are open to having Student Bands and may have a separate category for you, depending on the number of Student entries!
  • This event is open to British Columbia bands only. At least two members of your band must reside in BC. If you are a solo performer, you must reside in the Kootenays, (East or West or Central)
  • Proof of residency will be required before the finals.


  • Out of Province Bands


  • Click Here if you have NOT registered.
  • All registration fees must be paid online through this website via paypal. If you do not register, you will not be allowed to participate in the event. Once the registration deadline has passed, no additional bands will be added. Registration is open until TBA


  • Once registered you will receive a welcome package via email by .
  • You will be performing in the PRELIMINARY ROUND, and in your package you will receive which venue you will be performing at. You will either be performing at: Frisky Whisky, Jimmy's Pub, Julio's Lounge or the Kokanee Pub. All within walking distance.


  • Battle Nights are TBA. Several Bands from each first round Battle will advance to the Finals the following evening. Bands advancing to the Final Round will consist of up to 12 bands. The Final round may be adjusted depending on the number of bands entering.
  • The Finals will be announced TBA But will be located in Creston.The number of acts in the finals will vary depending on the number of entries.


  • In all rounds: A combination of Audience plus Judges votes determine the winner(s).
  • Audience Votes: Each paid admission ticket will receive one ballot and one wristband. On each ballot you must vote for three bands from that night’s performance. (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place). Any ballot with only one or two bands listed or any bands listed more than once, will be void and not included in the vote counts. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Judges Votes: Each night there will be up to 3 judges. Judges are pre-selected members of the local music community – in some cases from the music industry. Judges' ballots are not available for review.
  • In the event of a tie score, the band that receives the greater number of first place votes from the audience, will advance. If there is still a tie, the amount of 2nd place votes will determine who advances.
  • Any ballot suspected of forgery, malfeasance or is not legible will be voided at the Director’s discretion.
  • Each band will receive a 20 minute set. You should pre-plan your sets accordingly. Set-times are strictly enforced.
  • Point Deductions: For each minute your band plays over the 20 minute allotted time slot, you will be deducted points. This is a substantial deduction and could drastically change the night’s outcome. If you play 5 or more minutes over your 20 minute set-time, you are immediately disqualified, and subject to the stage manager grabbing you with the hook.
  • Bands are limited to only 2 cover songs per set. A parody is considered a cover. Any performance including even a small section from a cover or parodied song, is considered a cover.
  • In the event of a challenge regarding a cover song the judges and Battle manager will have the final call. This is an original music competition. 2 COVER LIMIT, NO EXCEPTIONS. If you have any questions about the validity of your performance with respect to the cover situation, contact the Music Director, Velle Weitman.
  • Attention Hip Hop acts: Only hip hop acts with original songs will be accepted. The one cover rule still applies. You DO NOT have to have a live DJ. You ARE permitted to bring pre-recorded music, and essentially “press play”. It is up to the voters whether or not your “performance” is worthy of advancing to the next round. Hip Hop acts are still considered solo performances and must reside in the Kootenay Region.
  • “The Beat Issue”: Is a “sample” considered a cover? Yes. If you have Ludacris’ beat in your song, and you wrote original lyrics for the performance, that is your cover, and you are not allowed another one. Outside of your 2 permitted cover/sample, you must perform with original beats.
  • The final outcome of the evening will be weighted by 60% judges vote and 40% Audience vote. This percentage is derived in the following preliminary performance. After points are tallied for the audience vote, the resulting order will be factored in by the presiding HOST of the Event. We will tally the votes from each venue and announce who advances. The results will be read from the stage roughly 30 minutes after the final performance, or as long as it takes to tally the final results. We will post the final results on our FB page that evening.

PRODUCTION/EQUIPMENT ON BATTLE NIGHTS: The information will be in your welcome package email.


  • Grand Prize —
  • Place –
  • 3rd Place –
  • Audience Choice Award - TBA


Stay Live Productions - Director/ Owner – Velle Weitman: velvetstrings@gmail.com

Good luck to all the bands!

Organizers reserve the right to adjust, modify and/or clarify the rules of the event at any time for any reason.

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